About Us:

E Business is a partnership firm incorporated in 2005.
The business operations are lead by team SAP professionals who have been in SAP as a product since 1996.
Our philosophy behind the word E Business which is our motto also, is to help customers manage their business operations Electronically, Efficiently and Effectively.
Our brand ambassadors are our satisfied clients.
We have a dedicated team of cross modular professionals who not only are experienced in SAP but also carry a more years of business process experience.

The firm is into the following SAP related services:

  1. Resource deployment on projects primed by SAP India Private Limited
    • Project Management
    • Consulting services
  2. Application management services
  3. Continuous business improvement studies
  4. Expert Consulting
  5. High priority issue resolutions, issues whose solution is not possible with standard SAP solutioning
  6. New GL implementation and migration
  7. SAP Implementation and roll out
  8. SAP trainings – corporate and SAP academy
  9. SAP quality review services under SAP India Private Limited
  10. SAP Data migration services
  11. SAP GRC implementation
  12. India taxation on SAP